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Welcome!  This project is sponsored by the Corson/Colson Family History Association.

Purpose and Goals

This project supplements document-based genealogical research of individuals with the CO _ S_N surname (i.e., CORSON, COLSON, COURSON, COURSEN, CORSEN, CORSSEN) and variants such as CORSA, CORSAW, DECOURSEY, RACER, and VROOM in the following manner:
  1. To determine relatedness among descendants of known family progenitors, as well as relatedness, if any, among the progenitors themselves.
  2. To determine the geocultural origins of these progenitors as precisely as possible.
  3. To connect individuals unsure of their male-line ancestry to a particular family.
  4. To deduce whether "brick-wall" ancestors are related to each other or to known progenitors (and if so, how).  Examples include:
  • Jacob Corson (b. ca. 1740), Hunterdon Co., New Jersey (haplotype R1b established)
  • James Courson (ca. 1762-1834), Lancaster Co., South Carolina (family line identified: Division XV)
  • Daniel Corson (1763-1849), Sussex Co., NJ to Ontario, Canada (family line identified: Division III)
  • William Corson, Sr. (b. 1765-aft. 1823), Maurice River Twp., Cumberland Co., New Jersey (family line identified: Division IV)
  • Benjamin Courson, Sr., lived in Georges Twp., Fayette Co., Pennsylvania in 1800 (family line identified: Division II)
  • David Henry Corson (1881-1962), Pennsylvania (family line identified: Division I)
  • Jeremiah Coreson (b. 1812), Richmond Co., New York (family line identified: Division III)
  • Cassius Corson (b. 1859), Jacksonburg, Ohio (family line identified: Division III)
  • Peter Coursin (1765-1866), Elizabeth, Pennsylvania
  • Joshua Corson, Sr. (1770-bef. 1824), Maurice River Twp., Cumberland Co., New Jersey
  • William DeCoursey (ca. 1708-1788), Bensalem Twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
  • John Coursen (ca. 1810-aft. 1890), Northfield, Richmond Co., New York
  • Abraham Courson (b. ca. 1780), Centre Co., Pennsylvania

As a DNA surname study, the project focuses on the Y-chromosome (carried by male-line descendants), whose characteristics identify only family lines, not individuals.

We are looking for more participants to submit DNA samples for testing or to help fund the cost of tests for their family members.  If the project interests you, please read about how to participatePartial reimbursement of test costs for individuals from certain family lines is available.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the project coordinator, Michael Corson: e-mail address

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Most Recent News

20 Feb 2018 - SNP results arrived for participant #3 (Div. VII)


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