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From the Corson Cousins newsletter, April 2005

Corson Surname DNA Project

The DNA project currently has 11 participants, 9 of whom have received their DNA results. Documented descendants from Divisions I, II, III, IV, and VII have joined, as have two men from "unconnected" Corson lines. Current efforts focus on establishing an "ancestral" genetic signature for each Division and unconnected family line. Knowing a Division's ancestral signature is necessary to determine how subsequent participants, especially those who don't know their early ancestry, may be related to known Divisions. The CCFHA is offering $40 reimbursements of the test cost to each of the next five participants. Here's a description of project results and needs by Division:

Division I - results from two descendants of Zebulon Corson (1712-1786) (Div. I-A) match on all markers, establishing the signature for this subdivision. Results from a documented descendant of Zebulon's brother Ichabod (c.1725-c.1800) (Div. I-F), however, do not match as closely as expected. We need to find another documented direct male-line descendant of Ichabod willing to join the project to determine this subdivision's signature. We also encourage descendants of Hatevil Colson (1714-1798) (Div. I-B) and Samuel Corson (1719-1810) (Div. I-D) to help us find direct male-line relatives willing to participate.

Division II - a descendant of Jacobus Corsen (1690-1756) recently joined and is awaiting his test results. At least one other Corson from Division II needs to participate to begin establishing the ancestral signature for this Division. In particular, finding a direct male-line descendant of Benjamin Fletcher Corsse/Corsa (1692-a.l718) would be helpful.

Division III - results from two descendants of Benjamin Corssen (1686-1740) match on almost all markers, establishing a signature for his descendants. We are looking for Vroom descendants of Hendrick Corssen Vroom (1653-?), in particular, to participate, as well those of Benjamin's brothers Jacob Corssen (1681-1742) and Christian Corssen (1676-a.l764).

Division IV - a documented descendant of John Corson I (c. 1660-1728) has participated, and a documented descendant of Peter Corson (c.1660-c. 1731) just signed up. We will need at least one additional participant from each family line to begin establishing an ancestral signature for this Division.

Division VII - the participant from this unconnected Division has yet to match anyone closely. If he does not match the ancestral signatures for Divisions II or IV closely (once they're established), we'll need to test another descendant from this Division to improve our estimate of its ancestral signature.

Divisions XIII, V, VI, and IX - We're working with Corson Ellis to recruit living male-line descendants of Daniel Corson (1763-1849), who moved from Sussex County, NJ to Ontario, Canada. We're also searching for participants with ancestors from European Corsan / Courson / Curzon / Korson families.

Unconnected - two participants descended from Corsons who appeared in Maurice River Township, Cumberland County, NJ have yet to match anyone closely. We're currently performing "reverse genealogy" to identify other living male-line descendants of the progenitors of these lines who might agree to participate.

You can read more about the project, see the lineages of current participants (down to their grandfathers), and see test results at the website:

Please contact me if you have any questions about this project or if you, or someone you know, might be interested in participating.