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From the Corson Cousins newsletter, December 2004

Corson Surname DNA Project

This all-volunteer project began in November 2004 and compares Y-chromosome DNA from men with the Corson surname (and variants such as Colson and Coursen). By doing this, we can estimate how people in the various CCFHA Divisions might be related to one another. We also may be able to connect "orphaned" Division VII to the Division from which it originated. Even more exciting, once the project has tested a handful of participants from each Division with a progenitor, male Corsons of unknown ancestry who join the project have a good chance of determining whether they are related to others in these Divisions. For those who already know their Division assignment, including their DNA signature in the project eventually may help indicate whether certain Corson lines have French or Dutch origins.

We use a laboratory named "Relative Genetics" to process the samples for our project. The test we recommend for participants is the 37-marker "Lineage Establisher", which currently costs $195; however, we will reimburse the next 10 participants for $40 of that cost, making the net cost $155. The test itself only requires swabbing 3 cotton swabs inside the cheeks. The DNA results show up as a string of 37 numbers that cannot identify participants personally or reveal any medical information. Female Corsons, or males descended from them, who want DNA information about their Corson family line will need to identify direct-line male relatives with the Corson surname for testing. An alternate way to participate in the project is to "sponsor" the cost of the test for certain individuals (e.g., close relatives or others in the same Division).

You can read more about the project and see Corson DNA test results online at

Would you be willing to participate in our project? If so, you can learn how by visiting the project website, or you can contact the project coordinator:

Michael Corson

328 Toftrees Ave., Apt. 248

State College, PA 16803

Phone: 814-861-7105

E-mail: misccorson AT