English / Français Corson Surname DNA Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about genetic genealogy in general, Y-chromosome DNA, the testing process, and interpretation of test results can be found at the ISOGG Newbie page.

Q: I already know my male-line ancestry back to the 1600s; why should I participate?

A: That makes you one of the best candidates for participating in the project!  The project needs participants with long male-line lineages to help us establish the genetic signature of each family's progenitor.  Once we know a progenitor's probable genetic signature, we may be able to have a more specific idea where he came from.  We'll also be able to identify those who descend from tested family lines, but who have shorter  documentation trails.  To date, we've been able to establish the genetic signature of five major Corson/Colson/Courson family lines.

Q: I only know my male-line ancestry back to the 19th century; why should I participate?

A: By participating, it is quite possible that your genetic signature will match or nearly match that of at least one other participant in the project.  The more marker values that you have in common with another participant, the more likely that you two share a recent common male-line ancestor.  Examining the documented male-line ancestry of matching participants may provide enough information to determine how your family line is related to other families, and may add several generations to your documented male-line ancestry.

Last updated: 03 août 2017