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Network Diagram

In December 2009, 28 participants in the project appeared to belong to haplogroup R1b, which means that they descend from a common ancestor who lived thousands of years ago.  To see how they may be related, I constructed a network diagram for 25 of them (3 had too few loci tested in common with the others). The program estimates proximities of relationship based on the values in their genetic signatures and constructs a hypothetical family tree. Technical details.

This diagram shows one possible sequence of mutations from the common male-line ancestor of these participants (the center of the diagram). It shows the close relationship between the 2 participants from Division VII, that among the 9 participants from Division I, and that among the 5 participants from Division IV.   The diagram also shows the close relationship between the 3 Vroom descendants of Hendrick Vroom (1686-1769), who is documented as descending from Division III.  Outliers in this diagram include participants #5, 8, 20, 23, 33, and 47, who have genetic signatures very different from those of other R1b participants in the project.  Corson participants #23 and #47 trace their descent from Scotland.

The network diagram was constructed with Network by Fluxus Technology, Ltd., using 39 short-tandem repeats (STRs) (excluding DYS 464) found in the "46-marker" set offered by DNA Ancestry.  STRs were weighted by the inverse of their calculated mutation rates (source: Diana Gale Matthiesen), normalized to a range of 5-99.  The network was calculated using the program's median-joining procedure. The yellow circles indicate one or more participants, while the lengths of the lines connecting them are proportional to the number of STRs at which they differ.

Last updated: 19 Feb 2012