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From the Corson Cousins newsletter, October 2005

Corson Surname DNA Project

Since the report in the last article, the project has gained two new participants, one from a Colson family and one from a Vroom family. 

The new Colson participant documents his descent from a progenitor named Adam Cols(t)on, born ca. 1660. Male-line descendants between Adam and the participant lived in Massachusetts and Vermont for several generations before moving west to Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. As expected, the participant's genetic signature does not match that of the Division I-A Colson participant. In fact, their signatures have a genetic distance that suggests that they don't have a male-line ancestor in common for at least 39 generations (ca. 1000 years). Genetic signatures similar to that of the new Colson participant suggest that his male-line ancestors came from Great Britain, possibly northern Ireland or highland Scotland.

The new Vroom participant matched the existing Vroom participant on 41 of 42 markers, confirming that they share a common ancestor. Their most recent common ancestor (MRCA) is documented as Hendrick Vroom (1683-1769), who was a grandson of progenitor Cors Pietersz (1612-1655) (Fig. 1). However, their genetic signature does not match that of two Corson participants whose documented MRCA is Benjamin Corson (1686-1740), another grandson of Cors Pietersz. Thus, each pair of documented Vroom and Corson descendants of Cors Pietersz has a different genetic signature, but only one pair of them can have descended from Cors Pietersz. You can read more about the project, see lineages of current participants, and see test results and interpretation at the project website: