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For the Corson Cousins newsletter, October 2008

Corson Surname DNA Project

In the last quarter, 4 participants joined the project, and DNA results have arrived for 2 of them.

Division II (Sussex Co., NJ) DNA

Participant #38, charter member Bill DeCoursey (SU-10), joined with his DNA results already known. His documented genealogy traces his descent from Peter Decoursey (bapt. 1749-ca.1832), recorded as the son of Rachel van Garden by her first marriage, to Jochem Schoonmaker. Because Rachel later married Teunis Corsa (ca.1703-ca.1763), grandson of Division II progenitor Jan Corszen (ca.1650-1703), Peter originally was presumed to be the stepson of Teunis.

Bill was delighted to discover that his genetic signature matched that of Division II descendants on 41 out of 43 markers tested, indicating that he and his ancestor Peter Decoursey descended in the male line from a descendant of Jan Corszen, most likely Teunis Corsa.

Participant #39, with the surname Coursen, received his DNA results recently. He documents his male-line lineage back to progenitor Jan Corszen via John B. Coursen (1816-1898), recorded as being born in Beemerville, Sussex Co., NJ and dying in Fassett, Bradford Co., PA. According to the modified Henry numbering system we use, this would place him in line #7181.

Results showed that the participantís genetic signature indeed matched that of Division II descendants on 42 of 43 markers tested, consistent with his documented descent.

You can see how these two new participants fit into the Division II tree at the DNA project website:

Results Pending

Participant #40, with the surname Corson, traces his descent back to his grandfather, John S. Corson, who married Leona Burbidge. The scant data suggest that Johnís middle name may have been ďSomersĒ, which has been noted in some Division IV (Cape May Co., NJ) descendants. A genetic signature that matches that of Division IV descendants would corroborate a descent from this Corson family.

Participant #41, with the surname Corson, traces his descent from Division III progenitor Cors Pieterszen (1612-1655) through his son Cornelis Corssen (1645-1692) and then 3 generations of Benjamins, the last one being born in Bucks Co., PA. A genetic signature matching those of other Division III participants (#7, 9, and 27) documented as descending from Benjamin Corssen (1686-1740) would be consistent with this participantís documented male-line descent.

Between issues of Corson Cousins, information about the DNA project is available at the project website: